About Us


My Story

Carlos Walker, a budding artist was born and raised in Halifax, CO., Va., he was the youngest of six children to Hilton and Inell Walker.

Carlos has been drawing since the early age of eight. He made it through High School with encouragement to continue drawing by one of his High School teachers, Mrs. Fitzgerald, his family, and now fiance' Washika Arnold.

Growing up, Mr. Walker did not envision a future in art, instead he chose to put his talents to the side and sell drugs. This caused Mr. Walker to get incarcerated at the age of 24. A time when most young men and women are just starting to live life and enjoy their careers.

Little did he know, this was beginning to be the PRIME of his life and God had something in store for him. It was while incarcerated, Mr. Walker was blessed with his career taking off. He had gotten more serious about his art and became focused. Now a Artist, Activist, and Author whom have put together exhibits, written a book titled "What If", and other illustrations such as his greatest illustrated work "Walk A Mile In Our Shoes And You Will Understand From Whence We Came", Mr. Walker, through his work hopes to show a mirror effect to the world.

His art has been created with the sole intent to invoke a thought in all who refuse to understand the plight of his African American History and EXPERIENCES.



My Approach

A person's view is going to always be influenced by his or her experiences and immediate needs. If you've never had to worry about running out of money, you will approach situations differently such as deciding whether to feed your children, or pay the overdue light bill.

I felt the need to take this principle to show the world how we ALL view other races and relations. A lot of my art is role reversal where I purposely switched the polarities of the characters in an attempt to cause that individual to put themselves in someone else's shoes. Or, my shoes.  By doing this, I hope that it will allow people to view things differently and from different points of view.

We as a people, need to understand and accept that we cannot change History, nor can we make our sons and daughters pay for the sins of the fathers. Yes, we are entitled to be infuriated, but we are are also obligated to correct our own thoughts whether they be racist or prejudiced if we are ever hoping to see the plateau of equality.


Next Steps...

What If Reality As We Know It Wasn't What We Knew It To Be? What If The Stories Of The Past Were Changed By One Small Detail? What If?