Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Happy Martin Luther Kings Day. I hope all of you have a great day and that if you don’t do anything else today. I ask that you look at Martin’s Life and look at yours and ask yourself how can you do something in your life to impact the cause. Today isn’t much different to what they endured yesterday. Other than the fact that the Klansman isn’t walking around with hoods on. They’re in your face. I want you to look at our lives and ask yourself are we as a people living up to what those of the past have died and fought hard for? Are we doing the things to help each and everyone of our brothers and sisters have a better life or are we just looking out for ourselves in our daily lives. If you are not lifting up another brother or sister to help them get out of the mud then as Martin said you are just as worst as those white men and women who hung, burned, and slaughtered our people. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that all white people are bad because there have been many that fought the cause and died along side our people. But if [YOU] are silent about the injustices that are going around and feel that it doesn’t hurt or impact you. Then you are dead wrong and you are just as those who did those atrocitios acts. Because at the end of the day your skin color is just as ours. Black!! Meaning those police shootings or Trayvon Martin can be YOU. So if you are not in bettering our people then you too are a murderer of our people. I hope the lives of people like Martin Luther King and others help impact your life today. Whether you are for the passive movement or the aggressive one. It is the movement that is important. Have a Happy Martin Luther Kings Day and if you don’t do nothing else today teach someone. Whether a kid or an adult about how important it is to know who this guy and others were to where we have come today. Take it easy.

~Carlos Walker

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