How Does History Affect You Today?

KNOW YOUR HISTORY…I want to stress this point for a reason. Knowing your history means knowing yourself and knowing what has been done to you. I am pretty sure most of you feel like why do I want to know something about the past that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME NOW AND WHAT I HAVE GOING ON. LIKE WHAT IS THE USE? Remember everything has something to do with you. The things of the past the systems that has been put in place. From banking to the industrial prison systems, to the way they portray us. Everything is part of our history whether you like it or not. My people I want you to know something about history. If you knew what OUR people went through and were taught, they were taught they were nothing more then slaves. WOULD YOU DO BETTER? If you were taught the things that black people created would you think better of yourselves and think that you can create too? It is important to know the things we as a people did because to know what they did in the past give you courage and a goal to strive to do better or greater NOW. How many of you knew about Black Wall Street? How many of you all know that a lot of the things you use on a daily basis were created by blacks. The broom, ironing board, Heating and air conditioning (HVAC). If you didn’t know, then look up black inventions. Teach your kids these things so that they can have sense of pride knowing that this world wouldn’t be what it is…WITHOUT THEM. Not only that I want you all to look at Racism…understand RACISM and how it works. During this month it is important to know and learn about your history because Racism still effect every black person right now. How? I would like for anyone out there to explain how it effects us as a people right now to this day. REMEMBER THIS I LOVE MY PEOPLE.

~Carlos Walker

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