KNOW YOUR HISTORY!! Third Day Of Black History Month

Today marks the third day of US getting to know our history. Some of you are familiar with things we have done. But do you really understand our mark in life? We are a chosen people. Know this; We are a people that has been choosen to create a better life out of nothing. When I say this I speak of the African-American or the African that was brought over here in slave ships that was enslaved, beat, raped, and dehumanized for someone elses life to be better. I want you to look at the 240 years our forefathers were in. I know for most of you it sets your hearts and minds on fire and make you feel bad. But know this what those people went through. Should not be in vain. If we don’t recognize and realize that we have to do better as a group of people. NOT AS ONE INDIVIDUAL. Then what they lived for means nothing. I want you to look at how far we as a people have come. Gauage our life from then until now and tell me since that point up until the point of so called freedom we haven’t did some astronomical stuff. We are a people that no one can hold down. Me I say GOD created something special in US when he created US. Something that no one has in them but US. Which makes US special. Look at how we have went through hell and nothing has stopped that unstoppable force that we have in US. Black people (African-Americans) you are strong; you are great; you are a choosen people. Live in your chooseness. I ask all of you right now to tell me that as a body of people who or what will be able to stop US other then US. If we stay separate we are doomed. But our unity is what will keep us from falling. The answer to yesterdays question was the alabama boycott. IF you don’t know what that is. I want you to look it up and look at the unity 50,000 black folk decided to do because of the mistreatment of our people. If you are tired of seeing blacks shot and killed. If you are tired of the ill treatment of our people. Such as high interest rates at banks and loans really because you are black. Then I ask you to review our history and how we can change things. These people made the busing system CHANGE. They decided for 300 something days to walk. Sacrificing their easy way to work to do something for the whole. WE have to learn how to use the tools that they used to get what we need to get people to move on our behalf. BUT IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR HISTORY YOU CAN’T GET WHAT IS NEEDED DONE. The people of the past didn’t just march. They acted. If you just want exercise then march if you want CHANGE PUT SOME TYPE OF ACTION WITH YOUR MARCHING. I love you people and I want to see our people thrive. But we have to learn to move together. We have to learn from our history and use those tools. KNOW YOUR HISTORY.

~Carlos Walker

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