Knowing What We Have Created

Today I will speak about KNOWING WHAT WE HAVE CREATED as African-Americans…what I will do is list a list of the things we as a people have created to make this PLACE what it is and to make it comfortable. However, these everyday appliances and things are things that you probably didn’t know or even care who created them. MORE THAN LIKELY YOU PROBABLY THOUGHT IT WAS A WHITE MAN. But I will surprise you by saying NO IT WASN’T HIM OR THEM. IT WAS US. I will also give the names of those that created them so you can teach your kids.
Albert Richardson-wooden butter churn; Andrew Beard- Jenny Coupler (not sure what it is, so if you will inform me); Benjamin Montgomery-developed a special steamboat propeller; James Forten- Revolutionized the sail-making business; John Parker-creawted a srcew for a tobacco press; Lewis Temple-Created the Temple’s Iron harpoon for whaling; Joseph Lee- created a bread making machine; Lloyd Hall-revolutionized the world of food preservation; Percy Julian-Pioneer in the field of synthetic chemistry; Richard Spikes- Invented an automatic gear shift; Robert Pelham-Invented tallying machine for the census; Shelby Davidson- created adding machine add-ons; Thomas Elkins-created a refriderated apparatus; Willis Johnson intented the egg-beater; W.h. Richardson-baby buggy; A.P. Ashbourne-biscuit cutter; T. Elkins-chamber commode; S.R. Scratton-curtain rod; William S. Grant-curtain rod support; O. Dorsey-door knob, door stop; Alexander Miles-elevator;P. Johnson-eye protector; T. Marshall-fire extinguisher; L.C. Bailey-folding bed; Robert F. Flemming, Jr-guitar; Lydia O. Newman-hair brush; J. Ricks-horseshoe; A.L. Cralle-Ice cream scooper; Sarah Boone- Ironing board. …I will finish some of the rest tomorrow. But I wanted you to know that OUR people are inventors. We are special people who don’t get the credit for the things we do, and if you don’t know and don’t share these things then OUR KIDS GROW UP NOT KNOWING THEIR POTENTIAL. THEY WILL THINK THAT ALL THEY CAN DO IS PLAY BALL OR BE RAPPERS OR VIDEO VIXENS. INSPIRE YOUR KIDS TO BE MORE BECAUSE WE NEED THE INTELLIGENCE THAT IS LOCKED INSIDE OF THEM. KNOW YOUR HISTORY.

~Carlos Walker

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