Learn To Stand Together And Trust One Another

Black Wall Street, for you who didn’t look it up. Was a place in Oklahoma that was known for its Black independence, and its demise because of what they were doing. It was a black self-efficent area in the United States where the black dollar circulated within and became a historical place because of how it thrived. But, not only is it known for that. It is known for how it was destroyed because of jealousy. White people destroyed this place because of its independence and how these Black people were doing a thousand times better with their Black owned businesses and how they were living. History will say that a riot started because a white lady was sexually assaulted. However, when second class citizens (BlACK PEOPLE) received better economic opportunities than their white counterparts. Their white neighbors became infuriated and ignited smoldering hatred and resentment in other white Oklahoma residents. Causing many white people to be full of loathing and wanting to bring this community down and eventually because their was not an army or some type of protection in this community it was easily taken over. I tell you know your history because if you know it and know what you have to do after you complete the first step which is to secure a financial stability within our communities you will also know how to keep it. 1. We are capable of creating another Black Wall Street in Harlem, the Brox, L.A. and any other Black neighborhood. But if we don’t learn how to unify then we are never going to build something for US and keep it…KNOW YOUR HISTORY
I ask all of you to look at the Chinese and other ethnic groups that come here and build communities. They don’t spend their money with you. Why? Because they know in keeping their dollar in their communities they will strive and make it a lot further,and so do Jews and any other ethnic group. We are the one’s who will spend our hard earned money with everyone else unless we are getting our hair done or something only blacks know how to do better. Like other people’s Ice is colder than the black. Look people there is two sides to this story if you own a business. I want you to realize that your business has to be on top of its game. Meaning give your customers top notch service!!! Don’t cheat or disrespect your clients. That should be RULE #1 and that is how we as a people should deal with one another. And for those of you who are clients or customers. Learn to spend black. Learn to take your money and help build the next black business. Quit just building up a bunch of white businesses that don’t have your best interest at heart. And if you are one of those people who look at a person who is trying to change their situation for the best and think they are trying to be better then you. STOP IT. Because you too can get whatever it is they have if you create a business for yourself or ask them how they got where they got. Most of all. Learn to do like other communities and spend with (your people). Learn to invest in US (our black owned business) Bank Black, I want to ask why their are no BLACK NAIL SALONS when all of you black women out there love to get your nails done. How is it that you allow Asian people to capitalize on a market that you all invest in. Their have to be some of you out there that know how to do this. If you don’t learn. Where there is a need there is a way. GET THE EDUCATION TO DO SO.
2. I want you to start thinking for for the future instead of thinking for now. We have to stop thinking about looking so fly and start thinking about our kids future our future.. Looking good is cool if you have it to do so. But if you are spending all of your money on nothing but looking fly and you don’t have a dime in the bank then you are living backwards. If you are living in a community and all of you are able to help one another, do so. We have to learn how to get back to a community type of living. Teaching our kids to respect their elders. From behind these walls. I have noticed that alot of respect for people have went out of the window. REMEMBER THIS; it takes a community to raise a kid. If you look out for your neighbors kids and they look out for yours then you don’t have to worry about what they are doing because you will be helping one another. COMMUNITY LIVING. KNOW YOUR HISTORY PEOPLE. This is something that we as a people use to do and back then it worked. HOW DID WE GET AWAY FROM THIS? I ask that anyone out there that is reading this help me to come up with solutions that will help get this thing together. Give you an idea about money. Do anyone know what a tontine is? If not then look it up and get back with me. I will explain tomorrow but do your homework people. This is a way that we as a community can learn to put money together to accomplish goals. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. BECAUSE YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. BLACK PEOPLE. WE MUST LEARN TO STAND TOGETHER. LEARN TO TRUST ONE ANOTHER.

~Carlos Walker

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