Second Day Of Black History Challenge

Good morning people. Today is the second day of what we call BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Normally what I would do is take and post pictures of my artwork to show you what has been done to us, but this year I want to take a different approach. Oh yeah I forgot one year I also told people about what we have invented throughout the years. This year I want to ask a question and I would like for anyone who will to participate. I want you are to tell me what BLACK HISTORY MEAN TO YOU, and for you to share that. But I want you to know something too. If it doesn’t mean anything to you. Then you should find out why. Because that mean you aren’t appreciative of the things people died and fought for. Unfortunately for me it took me to be incarcerated to understand what our elders and our other ancestors have been through. But I am now grateful for them. At the end of this month I will share what it means to me. But right now I would like for you all to think. If you will look up black inventions and see how different life would be without the things we have created. How without US what the world would be like. I will give you a hint, UNCIVILIZED. Black history didn’t start here. Remember that; at one point that is what our people were told though is that we were nothing but slaves. Why would you tell a people that when you knew it to be untrue. Is it because you didn’t or don’t want them to know their greatness. Well this month is a not just going to be your typical month. This is going to be a month of awareness. But you are going to be doing the awaring. HOPEFULLY. LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT WE CAN DO. OUR POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS. If you know your history and what you are capable of. Well I hope for all of you this is an awakening to a new day. Remember this also next year will be 400 years we have been over here [since] slavery. That don’t explain the presense of Africans over here prior to that. Do your history and know who you are people. And we can change where we are going. If we as a people forget who and what we have done then is there a place that you are headed or a place that you can look back and say I have come a long ways from. SO NEVER FORGET YOUR HISTORY. BECAUSE WE HAVE THE MOST UNIQUE HISTORY ON THIS PLANET. Thank you and please participate.

~Carlos Walker

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