Time To Create More History

Look this month and everyday forward is about US revising the things people have used to get us where we are. I want anyone out there that know of something BLACK PEOPLE, African-American people have done that is the most effective way to get people to move on our behalf. I will tell what they aren’t yes Marching was a part of something, but marching is just exercise. Being woke ain’t shit if you don’t get up. We have created conscious people but have we as a people did anything to really move forward as a whole. Tell me one thing that was done by our ancestors that made America change or a system change, and I will be looking forward to hearing your answers? Remember this if you don’t remember nothing. IF you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. It is up to US to work together and have a plan to get what the hell we want. If you want our people to stop dying then it is up to the thinkers of our generation to remember what has worked in our past to bring about a better future for our youth and for US today. WE can do it but if you don’t know your HISTORY. The same things are bound to keep happening. WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICES. I need you and so do OUR PEOPLE. IT is time to create MORE HISTORY.

~Carlos Walker

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