“What If”



"What If"

By: Carlos Walker

What if reality as we know it wasn't what we knew it to be? What if the stories of the past were changed by one small detail with that one small detail being one that would change it drastically?

What if the slaves that were brought from Africa had been white, instead of black and the slave masters were black instead of white? What if every event from the past, up until the present, were also in reverse?

In this book, you will discover that the ethnicities of oppressor and oppressed have been reversed. This has been done purposely in order to open the minds of the readers to....WHAT IF?

This book of illustrations has been created to assist the reader in grasping the understanding of why we are promoting that "Black Lives Matter." Throughout this book, you will see illustrations of the Caucasian race placed in the African-American experiences.

To my brothers and sister who may be offended by my whitening of our history and historical figures (e.g. Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, The Black Panther Party, Colin Kaepernick, etc.) to validate a point. Please forgive me. However, in order to display our complete struggle, it is essential that I illuminate our iconic leaders defiance in the midst of our struggle. For that is the only way one will understand why it was imperative for them to embrace a position of slugging it out against an oppressive system.

Also, I expect for these illustrations to bring clarity to all of you who seek understanding our stance against injustice.

~Carlos Walker, Author




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