What Was Black Wall Street?

Question for today. What was Black Wall Street? And how can we as a Community of people get that type of place or something for black people started again? As I see it we as a people don’t have a plan for where we should be going. As individuals we have one for ourselves but not as a whole. So as a whole what is the plan and where are we headed? If just having something for you and your family is all you want then you are doomed. I want everyone of you to look at our elderly, our children, and even yourselves and I want you to tell me shouldn’t we have something set up where we as a people have something for US. Look at other ethnic groups. Jews have a system in place where they send money and they are entitled to that money. If they come up with a business idea then that money is there for them to start their business. But they have something. Almost every other group have something similar. With US we have nothing and we have been here for the past 400 years. Look PEOPLE it is time for US to come together. You want better then WE have to do better. It is time for the talking to stop and time for US to move in the direction we have been called to do. You want better schooling for our children then you have to be willing to sacrifice to get it. You want a better life for yourself and those that look like you then quit looking for them to do it…Reparations aren’t coming and WE DON’T NEED THEM. We need to do better ourselves. Right now WE have to be willing to join with the rest of US to get it. Quit spending your money on BULLSHIT. And lets start something that will benefit the whole. What was Black Wall Street? Know your history and it won’t be hard for us to realize what need to be done for us to get where we suppose to be. KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!

~Carlos Walker

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